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Thursday 4 September 2014

The Bug! (Continued) ...

This struck me last night, what does The Bug stand for if anything ?
Actually it does now, B.U.G Beroende, Utan, Gud
It's Swedish which means Addicted/Addict, Without, God.
I have never heard it before so I'm gonna claim it. And it fits in pretty good with what I'm trying to get across.
And yes you read the word God. Fuck that was hard for me to accept that word before. But then I stared thinking about a letter I got in prison from a girl in Arizona and how she wrote that we all have our own God. Ok what's mine then? Well it's a few things but to put it in short it's my deepest, truest conscience. I think that's what she also wrote and I felt how that was true to me too. We all have a conscience which usually means well. And if not, well then we are just an "addict with out God."BUG! (Or possibly a psychopath) When I write "we" by the way, I mean we who are addicts. What I've noticed with people who are not, don't even necessarily need a "God" because they do what's right straight away automatically. Me I did the opposite and thought that was right.
By the way I saw my friend to day, alive and ok. What a relief!

Some of the letters I got, Thank you so much to everyone that wrote to me.

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