Ali Boulala (born January 28, 1979) is a Swedish professional skateboarder, who has appeared in the

Wednesday 24 September 2014

ok "net haters"!! I didn't know until recently that hating and writing threatening stuff on the internet is actually illegal. So you have to be careful about what you write. I get hated on on the internet from time to time and I get why. I'm not stupid but I did do something really stupid. I don't need negative comments to feel bad, and to tell me that I've done wrong, and that I'm stupid. I KNOW! So stop spreading negativity. We can't change the past and specially not by posting unkind comments. I do understand that this whole post is also negative (as fuck). What I can do is try my hardest to not repeat the past. What I really wanna do is write unkind shit back to the people that do it to me but I'm not going to do that. But what I will do is post screen shots (and link to their profile on the photo). Not really a nice thing to do either, but I'm not a saint and I think people should stand for what they say/write or just apologize. The more I think about this post the more I think it's wrong. It's wrong because the people in this case that I think are doing wrong are getting notoriety. I don't want sympathy, I just want to show people that I think it's wrong what some people write on the internet.


  1. Yeah Ali! They know nothing about life. You are so optimist and I really admire that. I always read your blog so keep posting ♥! I send you the most positive energy and I hope you'll be happy forever. Hugs from Argentina.

  2. Hey dude I'm super stoked that I found this blog of yours! I've looked up to you since I was 12 years old (im 24 so that's half of my life now) and you were definitely a big part of who I was when I was growing up. Your approach to skating is comparable to The Gonz (at least in my opinion) and at the risk of sounding like a 'poser' you lead me into punk and to not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks (not in a destructive way but in a creative way). For what it's worth you are still a huge influence on me. And don't listen to this hate; what happened does not define who you are as a person. Have a good day, Ali.

  3. I really hate those haters, they hide behind the screen and throw hate to anyone.
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