Ali Boulala (born January 28, 1979) is a Swedish professional skateboarder, who has appeared in the

Monday 22 September 2014

Okay, oops ! I should have maybe wrote something about the clips. So the one with Arto we were in a village some where south of Barcelona. A Finish homie and his girl friend lived there. I don't remember exactly what we were doing there. Maybe we had been go karting which we did quiet often and the go kart place was also a bit south of Barça. We must have gone to see if there was anything to skate there. I don't think there was really anything, and I would not call that handrail a "skate spot". It was shit and Arto broke his toe... or didn't. The clip with me is in Lyon on the other side of the street from the "famous white banks". I was out with just Fred and photographer Olivier Chassignole. I think that was often who I was out trying to get tricks with during that time. Looking at the clip I can remember the madness happening in my brain. Fucking frustration, no run up, tree-bush-thing and then Michael Jackson visited my brain for some reason. A fucking hellish nightmare but in the sometime fun= skateboarding.

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