Ali Boulala (born January 28, 1979) is a Swedish professional skateboarder, who has appeared in the

Friday 3 October 2014

Skating down there in the fountain ("Sergel Hippen") as a kid I remember looking up here thinking; what the fuck are they doing up there? Office ? Maybe it was back then. 
Either way there was NO WAY that I could have ever even imagined that up here would be a big exhibition about what we did down there. 
Oh ye, and I'm the host! That's just fucking crazy. Times they have a-changed!!!

The exhibition is held 3-12 of October at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Stockholm. It's got pictures and video all the way back from 1978 when skateboarding came to Sweden until 2014. And other skate/art stuff.
 Gabriel Viking stands in front of the art of him.
 Video loop installations from different eras.
 Guitar Skateboard Made by Joke Boberg with film of the making of it and recording of the sound wile skating on it.
Animation  40s Stina Löfgren. This is actually a moving animation but I just shot this photo mid kick-flip.

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  1. You were... skating in those outdoor water fountains? Haha, that's crazy.

    And yes, times sure have changed. For the better and for the worse, at the same time, how ever that works.