Ali Boulala (born January 28, 1979) is a Swedish professional skateboarder, who has appeared in the

Sunday 17 August 2014

I lived just around the corner from here as a kid. This is "Birkastan" which is in "Vasastan" near Karlberg in Stockholm. Much mischief and hi-jinx happened in this hood with me and my brother.
Here are some photos I shoot with theQcamera while they were shooting me.
 We used to roam around on the tracks down there checking out the graffiti from all the "famous" Swedish graffiti names. 

One winter I remember riding down these stairs with what is in Sweden called a "Snow-racer". It was fun and the flat in the middle made a nice jump! 


  1. Dear Ali
    My name is Ben, I am 30, I m french
    Thank you for wrighting this blog, i was thinking this opportunity to talk to you would never happen and i am very enjoying this right now.
    here is my story, and a bit yours too:
    Few days ago I was talking to my friend about this idea, i wanted to tattoo your face on my shoulder (wtf???) yes this must look weird to you ,but at this point i didn't kow that you where out of the coma (fucking wikipedia is'nt updated) and to me you where between life and hell.
    So my friend ask me first who the fuck you are, and then why would anyone put your face on his skin for life! So my answer was that I wanted a skateboard related tattoo but in the same time something that means "don't mess with your life "or just "be carefull" and since you are my skateboard hero jumping 50 fucking steps, it was kind of logic to me to associate you to this fucked up project.
    So we check on internet for a picture of you and that's how i learned about the whole jail situation, fuck man, I don't know what to say...
    You must know that this is not a weird fascination i have for you but i feel that after having stupid ideas... this could happen to me and , yes, you are way more crazy than me on rolling stuffs but i was really taking your fast and dangerous life as bad mirror of what i could do if i didn't knew my limits. because it's all about that isn't it? knowing your limits... this make me think a lot and i have a lot of understanding for you.I am not really a fan, but you look to me like the guy you see in high shool everyday, and one day someone tells you that you killed 30 people with a kalachnikov...this make you think (maybe this is a bit a strong ) even if i wouldn't tattoo Adam Lanza on my butt.
    by the way, i want to let you know that i probably won't do this tattoo , you re not dead yet and i am very happy for you!you seems to have a cool and nice life, quitting drugs, cool girlfriend, looks like you gonna grow old after all, take care
    (soory for my fucked up english)

  2. That QCamera project looks very good!!